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Destination Dubai VIP is known for its sub-tropical weather, the dates set for Destination Dubai are tailored for those who come alive in the sun as the climate in Dubai is stunning. For 7 nights we are the gate-keepers to some of the most monumental venues of Dubai.


We have unlocked the door for you into a City that offers luxury and extravagance to everyone that shares an interest in travel, music, and people. Dubai is the home for Ultramodern architecture such as the Burj Khalifa Tower and extravagant attraction. One of the world’s largest shopping centre resides here and contains an amazing Aquarium. 


known as the City that offers the opportunity to witness life through a lens, which can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world. The experience is surreal, Dubai is truly a wonder. 


Make history with us at Destination Dubai VIP,

The Biggest Urban Event in the Middle East.



weather. 7 Nights.

luxury. extravagant Architecture.


wonder. views.

Make History.

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